Lifting Solutions started out as a small business owned and operated by Lisa and Pinchas Leitner, fondly known by many as “Pinky”. He provided heavy and distant lifts for private companies. With the largest and strongest equipment of its kind combined with a cherished reputation, word spread fast about quality work, done at a rate far less expensive than a crane with similar capabilities.

Cranes often require long setups and street closures, which are often hard to obtain during the week.Lifting Solutions was in a reasonable position to provide a fair price combined with experience, reliability and willingness to take on any feasible challenge. Experienced in rigging and safely bringing a load to its destination we have implemented the highest level of safety compliance. We now have the largest fleet of knuckle booms in New York City.

We are known to the industry as a leader and consultant to the knuckle boom community worldwide. Our unique method of pre-checking difficult tasks ensure smooth execution  during lift operations.

Our staff come from professional backgrounds familiar with cranes, rigging and mechanical experience necessary for the difficult jobs that happen day to day.Our recognition has allowed us to work on prestigious projects such as with Department of Homeland Security, Yankee Stadium, Bloomberg Media and Columbia University to name a few. We lift just about any type of building material to rooftops as well as through windows. We specialize in “velvet touch” work that requires special handling as with skylights, large furniture and art.

We also lift heavy manufacturing equipment and set heavy duty generators onto landings with careful precision. We carry substantial insurance to cover any concerns the customer may have and we can always make ourselves available for any lift with proper notice. You’ll find an open mind and an ally to solve your lift complications. Just relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

We strive to achieve the highest level of quality in all that we do and welcome all comments associated with this.

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